My Drains Day is the first kind of environmental event in Malaysia initiated by Global Environment Centre. The event aims to spread awareness to the public by emphasising the importance of clean drain in keeping our precious water resource clean and to imbed two concepts in public’s mind - “all drains lead to rivers/lakes” and “our drain is only meant for rainwater”.


Activity 1- Clean up and ‘Gotong-Royong’ of the drains – clean up the blocked drains and rainwater path, clean the surrounding areas of the drain

Activity 2 - Drain stenciling activity is to create awareness that drain are for rain water only and also to educate the public of proper drain management

Activity 3 - 4R2C stands for Rethink, Reduce, Reuse, Recycle, Compost and Close the loop. This activity will focus on how to save resources, and reduce usage. Reuse and Recycle what you can! Try to Compost your organic wastes, and finally, close the loop by buying back items that are made from recycled materials. This will also save natural resources.

Activity 4 – Promote Bring Your Own and be a responsible user focuses on the utilization of green products, low carbon footprint, own water bottle, food containers to reduce the impact on the waste production and at the same time educate the public to practice proper waste management practices through BMP.


  1. Kelana Jaya My Drains Day (1st March 2009)
  2. AU2 Taman Keramat (16 February 2014)
  3. Sg Buntong My Drain Day (27 March 2016)
  4. ISLAND Ranger My Drain Day (15 October 2017)
  5. SS20 Central Community My Drain Day (28 October 2017)