A treasure-hunt themed activity where the river hunts participants has to compete to reach the finishing line within an allocated time. However in order to reach the finishing line the participants need to solve puzzles, answer questions or even completing certain task before they could be awarded with the next clues. The clues have the answer to their next task which they supposed to complete before they could receive their next clue and so on until the finishing line. Along the way they must completed the entire given task and keep with them all the clues for their record.

Only participants with all corrected answer and solved all the clues and finish the games within allocated time will be announced as official winner for the River Hunt game.  This is carried out to encourage participation and bring together the stakeholders and target groups in caring for the river; as well as to instill skill, knowledge and awareness about river and environment in general among the participants. 


Activity 1 - Wetland planting/Riverine Biodiversity

Activity 2 - Solid Waste Management (Wastes Management and Minimization through 4R2C Concept)

Activity 3 - Pollution mapping & River or Lake Water quality testing

Activity 4 - Water Audit and BMP for Water Conservation

Activity 5 -Virtual Water and Water Footprint


  1. RIVER Carnival  2009 @ Sg Way on 23rd May
  2. RIVER Carnival 2010 @ Petalaing Jaya (SK Sungei Way) on 18th  July
  3. RIVER Carnival 2012 @ Zoo Negara on 14th July
  4. RIVER Carnival  2013 @ Sg Kinta (Tmn DR) on 27th  Sept
  5. RIVER Carnival 2014 @ Sg Klang ( SMK Tmn Melawati) on 29th Sept