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The Cyberjaya Lake Gardens Ecological Restoration Project
Date 19-Oct-2023 | Category | Author Society and Ecological Restoration

Restoration Stories explore the work of individuals and organizations engaging in ecological restoration across the world. These stories provide insight into the lessons learned, hopes, and unexpected challenges for the practitioners behind the projects. 
This Restoration Story is part of SER’s Standards-based Ecological Restoration in Action program in collaboration with Microsoft. Article review and photos provided by A Global Environment Centre (GEC).In the heart of Cyberjaya lies a vibrant and vital piece of nature—the Cyberjaya Lake Gardens. This 400-acre park, nestled amidst a landscape once dominated by oil palm plantations, secondary forests, and scrublands, serves as a crucial green area for the surrounding urban city. While the area already boasts various visitor facilities, including an information center, boardwalk, lookout tower, and children's playground, the majority of the land remains undeveloped, including a 15-acre main lake and a 29-acre natural wetland

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