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Sungai Juru, Penang

Sungai Melaka, Melaka

Sungai Udang, Klang

Shah Alam Community

Sungai Pinang Bandar, Klang

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The RIVER Ranger Programme is a an Environmental Education Programme to learn about the environment, water resources and rivers, and emphasizes not only about water pollution but every aspect of freshwater ecosystems including its biodiversity, functions, values and benefits to mankind.



RIVER Ranger Marine Park for selected schools at Redang, Tioman and Tinggi Island. This is a short term programme conducted to engage students into river monitoring and in creating awareness among them.



Sungai Kinta River Education Programme is a three years project under the W.A.T.E.R Project for schools, local communities and business group. More updates on the project available at the Sg Kinta webpage and the following website www.waterproject.net.my



Sungai Klang - River of Life Public Outreach Programme is a two years project commisioned by the Department of Irrigation and Drainage (DID) Malaysia. ERE Consulting Group together with Global Environment Centre to develop, implement and monitor performance of a public outreach programme in the River of Life project area. The project information and updates were shared together at http://www.myrol.my.






They are living entities!
They meander around the landscape!
They have riffles and pools.

Rivers are the veins that support and cleanse the earth. Keeping them clean and healthy should be everyone's priority. Click here to learn more about rivers!





Fill in your River Health Check results here and check out how other rivers are doing!


Help our rivers out and DONATE to our River Care Fund! Find out more about it here!

Events - more...
13 Nov, 2016 (past)
WATER Play 2016 for Southern region

25 Sep, 2016 ~ 29 Sep, 2016 (past)
2nd Water Audit For Johor Schools Under Water Conservation Programme (DRH2O)

18 Aug, 2016 (past)
NRCF - RIVER Ranger Training of Trainers (DRH2O)

23 Jul, 2016 (past)
RIVER Ranger Training of Trainers (TOT) for Universities/Colleges within Penchala River Basin

01 Jun, 2016 (past)
RIVER Ranger Training for Trainee Teachers with WWF

27 May, 2016 ~ 29 May, 2016 (past)
Environmental Training of Trainers (TOT) Camp for Youths

News Articles - more...
26 Sep, 2016
Penampang village declared paddy conservation area

26 Sep, 2016
Rare Malaysian Mussels are at Risk

24 Sep, 2016
Top 10 ways to save our rivers

20 Sep, 2016
Penang govt still waiting for flood mitigation funds

05 Sep, 2016
Reduce, reuse water, people told

25 Aug, 2016
Food waste dumped in gutters by Malaysia eateries badly polluting rivers

14 Aug, 2016
Malaysia facing serious water risks

10 Jul, 2016
Start preparing for floods, urges Madius