Sustainable Water Resource Management for Community via Drinking Water Supply

This project has initiated by Global Environment Centre (GEC) and HSBC Bank Malaysia Berhad which aimed to address the challenges faced by rural community for their potable water accessibility.


  • To engage targeted communities on sustainable water resource management initiative including water resource protection through community empowerment and education.
  • To demonstrate simple and practical water supply and waste management options to protect their water resources.
  • To provide and further outreach to support water supply for rural community through alternative water options.



  • To demonstrate pilot project on some simple or/and practical alternative water supply for selected community
  • Stakeholder workshops and consultation on basin management
  • To provide portable water supply for communities in need
  • To provide training and education on safe potable water and alternative water sources for day-to-day activities focusing on water conservation and waste management
  • To train the communities as ears and eyes on Water Resource Management – Through Water Resource and Pollution Management
  • To outreach and share the success story with other communities in need of portable water sources