Flood Ranger Programmes include training activities that emphasises on the know-how, escape routes, water management, survival skills and needs during flood events.

GEC in collaboration with Malaysia Water Partnership (MyWP) with the support of DID and MPK has developed 3 flood-training exercise concepts as training contents for community. The key training exercises are:

  • Training Activity 1: Flood HazardsTown-watching’ training
  • Training Activity 2: Water Management Training During Floods
  • Training Activity 3: Preparation of Grab Bag

As for the ‘Town-watching’ training, relevant agency such as DID Malaysia was approached to give briefing and demonstration for the exercise during the program. In addition, site surveying and hands-on activities was carried out to expose and to train the communities on benchmarking and identification of flood as well as on emergency response during floods. 

Project materials have also been developed to be used as communication and training tools. The project brochure and community handbook includes basic information as the initial step of preparedness before during and after flood. The grab bags provide check list of materials and tools for early preparation by community as well as the emergency contact details to assist the communities during flood.