Educational Materials

If you would like a hardcopy of any of our materials, please contact us so that we can organize an information pack for you.

RIVER Ranger Modules (BM)

  1. Environmental Education - 3.62MB
  2. Module 1: River & River Basin - Water, Man & River - 1.2MB
  3. Module 2: The Malaysian Scenario - 2MB
  4. Module 3: Integrated River Basin Management - 480kb
  5. Module 4: Field Training Information - 1.8MB
  6. Website Training - 1.9MB

Educational Materials

River Report Card
(BM) (830kb)

River Report Card
(Eng) (1.2MB)

Sungai Klang River Ranger
(English/Mandarin) (2MB)

Acknowledgements: GEC would like to thank the various partners and supporters that have allowed us to produce these educational materials for you. Of importance is NRE, DID, Selangor State Government, MENGO, DANIDA, FOMCA and KTAK.